The 16th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, from June 21-23, will see representatives of the world political and business elite collectively pondering thorny global economic issues.

Each year more than 2,500 business leaders, leading scientists, public figures and members of the media from all over the world meet to debate fiscal problems. These have recently become particularly acute as the vicious circle affecting indebted eurozone countries expands.

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Multi-billion dollar deals and investor certainty: Economic forum concludes June, 23

As Russia pledged a better economic climate for foreign investors, the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg has ended with a number of high-end deals signed.

St. Petersburg’s Forum sparks new controversy over Shtokman project June, 22

Global energy majors Gazprom, Statoil and Total were supposed to sign an agreement but didn’t. The head of Total pointed out the deal is in progress, despite reports on probable replacements in the project.

'Banks are dead' – Keiser June, 22

The global banking system is 'dead' and people need to push out from what he called "banking terrorists" and stand up for themselves, according to Max Keiser, the host of RT's Keiser Report.

Kuwait to spend $500 million on Russian investment projects June, 22

The Russian Direct Investment Fund has signed a co-investment deal with a major Kuwaiti investment body which will see the Arab country bringing in $500 million alongside the RDIF into Russian companies.


Growth forum May, 26

­What’s the agenda of the upcoming St Petersburg’s International Economic Forum? What is Vladimir Putin’s new course all about? How will Putin’s new term in office as president differ from his first two terms regarding business development, economic growth, investment? What does the new government have to do to make Russia an interesting and...

Depegging dollar August, 10

­Will the dollar be able to maintain its supremacy in the long term? Will the BRICS undermine its influence? With China and Japan now trading in their own currencies, what are the consequences for the dollar? Could we see a new Asian currency competing with the dollar? Or is such an experiment very unlikely given the eurozone status quo?...


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Leadership that works


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European crossroads: Post-crisis scenarios

The European monetary crisis is straining the continent’s economic and political fabric, while risking
further disruptions to the global economy. What steps should be taken to shore up confidence in the
Euro and the European project at large?

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Skolkovo: Fast track to Russian R&D talent and innovation

Skolkovo is two years old and it is time see what has been achieved. Out of thousands of start-up and
growth-phase companies in the pipeline, Skolkovo is celebrating its 500th resident company. But the
hard work of creating the next phase of development has only now begun. How will Skolkovo expand
to benefit mid-size and large companies as well as accelerate the growth of globally relevant
technical innovation?

JUNE 21 16:00

Geopolitical challenges of the 21st century

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JUNE 22 16:45

Digital us – how the Internet is transforming modern culture

In cooperation with TELE2 Russia
With exponential growth in the transfer speed and volume of digitally stored and shared information,
the Internet provides us with unprecedented access to cultural content and historical heritage. How
does the increase in information available on the Internet provide for the realization of creative
potential and opportunities for learning as well as present new dilemmas and challenges?

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